Canon Powershot D20 Reviews

Adventure enthusiasts looked at the number of waterproof cameras in the market and found the Canon PowerShot D20. If you want the best waterproof digital camera that is popular among action oriented photographers then look no further. The Canon PowerShot D20 is Canon’s most recent offering into the rugged compact camera market. Improving over the… Continue reading Canon Powershot D20 Reviews

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Buying Guide: Waterproof Cameras

Finding the best waterproof camera can be difficult especially with selling prices ranging from $100 to $1000 and not to mention all the features to also consider. The first priority should be to find a camera that will best fit your photography and/or video needs. With some great hints and additional information, you can easily… Continue reading Buying Guide: Waterproof Cameras

Fujifilm xp70 review

If you’re like me, once purchasing and experiencing a nice waterproof camera, you want to update as soon as possible to the newest model in hopes of better features. This year, some of the most popular enticements to get consumers to pull out their wallet are WiFi, GPS, picture and video quality. There are several… Continue reading Fujifilm xp70 review