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3 Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids – Updated Reviews 2022

Waterproof Cameras for Kids

If you’re looking for the best waterproof camera for kids there are certain things you need to make ownership of it fun for your child. Some kids really love mimicking what their mom and dad do when it comes to taking pictures. 

Sometimes kids will get their hands on their parent’s photography equipment to play with it or even take their own pictures. As a parent, you can’t help to be concerned and wonder whether it will withstand being handled by your child.

For kids, it is not about the latest features or the quality of the images, but really how fun it is to operate and handle it. Most parents understand that for the kids it really is not about taking pictures, but hearing the sounds it makes during picture taking. 

So, not only should it be able to take pictures, but the model should be entertaining and fun also. Sound effects seem to be important when kids are taking pictures. When pressing down the shutter button, kids may hear the sounds. It makes during the shot which is awesome to most kids because of the response received from their actions.

Digital Cameras for Kids

Kids also like to view their pictures through the LCD display and if they are old enough, be able to share them with friends and family or upload their photos to a computer for viewing. It’s important that kids find their camera fun, easy to use, durable and attractive.

It’s a given that most kids do not require their photos to be of high quality. Parents on the other hand, need to resist the tendency to compare the kids’ images to the more feature rich digital model they own.

Digital cameras for kids are basically seen as an entertaining toy to encourage creativity and also a chance to experience taking pictures of things and people like mom and dad. Their device has some of the features of the more expensive digital models, but they have been extremely scaled down to accommodate kids in the age group of 3 to 10 years old.

Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids

One of the best waterproof models for kids is the Fisher Price Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera. It comes in two colors, blue and pink and the manufacturer states it is designed to be  preschool appropriate with an easy to use format and buttons, 1.3 resolution megapixel, a 1.5 color LCD preview screen and a new kid-tough dimension of being waterproof. 

It also has auto flash, 64 MB of internal memory for storing of up to 500 images and runs on four AAA batteries. Additionally, it can take all the drops and bumps that may occur without the worry of it becoming damaged. 

Other digital cameras geared towards kids may not be waterproof, but still maintain the description of being in the category of one the tough models because of its durability and design.

When choosing a digital camera for kids, parents should keep in mind that it is designed to be an entertaining toy for the child, although it has the capabilities of taking pictures. Other features to consider for these types of tough or waterproof models for kids are:

Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids

Design & Durability

For kids the color may be important, but for young adults they will want something that looks more age appropriate. The younger kids are attracted to devices that may resemble a toy because of the color and design. 

This is good because most models are intuitive where most kids can just start using it without instruction. It’s also important that kids can actually access all the buttons on the camera especially for younger kids or those that may be physically challenged.

Two Eye View Finder

Supports kids being able to look through the viewfinder with both eyes open instead of closing one eye to take a picture. This makes it easier for kids to take photographs.


Internal memory is important because some of the models reviewed do not have a slot to expand memory. The more memory available, the more pictures your child can take.

Battery Life

Most of the cameras are powered by batteries and therefore the battery life is not all that good because kids will handle them continuously or tend to leave it on it is not in use. It’s best to have re-chargeable batteries on hand in case the batteries get worn down. One word of caution, some of these devices may not be suitable for toddlers or small children if they are able to remove the batteries or if there are removable parts.

Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids


A good tough or waterproof digital camera can be purchased for under $100 if you consider the entertainment value of it for your kids, durability and features that encourage creativity. The more features on the device, the more costly it becomes.

Digital Cameras on the Market

There are a few digital cameras on the market for older kids that are more appropriate for their age group than the one previously mentioned. These models are purchased because they are affordable. 

The picture quality is decent and they are considered part of the tough or sport categories of digital photography equipment. The design allows for rough handling, dropping in water and some are even dustproof.

For kids between the age of 12 and 15, a decent camera would be the Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 because it allows for easy sharing of photographs to social media such as Facebook, VGA video recording and it’s easy to use. 

For teens over the age of 15, they will appreciate models with more features like the Nikon Coolpix S30 that allows easy sharing of photos over the Internet, HD video recording and also not having to worry about storage issues other than being able to toss it in a shirt pocket or book bag.

Buying a digital camera or sharing one with your kids or teens doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the suggestions provided. It all boils down to it being economical, fun, creative, easy to use and features that are appealing and usable.

Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids
Best Waterproof Cameras for Kids

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