Fujifilm Xp70 Waterproof Camera – Best Camera for Outdoor Shoots

If you’re like me, once purchasing and experience a nice waterproof camera, you want to update as soon as possible to the newest model in hopes of better features. This year, some of the most popular enticements to get consumers to pull out their wallets are WiFi, GPS, picture, and video quality. There are several new cameras on the market, but the more popular of the two offered is the FujiFinepixXP70. Not only is the XP70 new, but it is reasonably priced with all the features that make taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends easy and fast. Fuji refers to this camera as being part of the Finepix and tough series line of products. Additionally, they like to describe it as “4 Proof” meaning it has four protective features, waterproof (33 feet) up from 20 feet, shockproof (5 feet), freezeproof (up to 14 degrees F), and dustproof. The XP 70 is the updated version of the XP 60 or you may see the camera referred to as the XP65.  This new camera basically has the same exterior design, dimensions, and a few features that have been added or improved.  It is still compact and lightweight with the ability to be transported in your pocket or purse.

Features of the Fujifilm XP 70

  • 2.7-inch LCD screen with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • 5x Optical Zoom lens & 10x Intelligent Digital Zoom
  • High-Resolution, 16.4 CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization
  • Continuous shooting toggle button
  • Stunning Motion Panorama 360° shots
  • Four-Way Protection: Waterproof to 33ft, Shockproof to 5ft, Freeze proof to 14 Degrees, and Dustproof
  • Wireless connectivity for instant image and movie sharing via mobile devices (New)
  • Full HD movie capture
  • Micro HDMI; Video & Audio Out
  • Advanced Filters for customizing photographs & movies  (New)
  • Action camera mode (New)
  • Noise cancellation & Wind Noise Filter during recording
  • GPS: None   Bluetooth: None   Touchscreen: None  Optical Viewfinder: None
  • Has Geo-tagging
  • Accessory add-on Action Camera lens (Extends field of view from 28mm to 18mm equivalent); sold separately
  • 99 MB of internal memory;  SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot (memory card not included)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches; Weight: 6.3 ounces (With battery and SD Card)
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, and Yellow

What’s In The Box

  • Fujifilm FinePix XP70 16.4MP Digital Camera
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • AC power adapter & USB cable
  • Hand strap
  • Owner’s manual
Buy Fuji Xp 70

Feature Details of The FujiFilm XP 70

2.7″ color TFT-LCD Monitor

The size of the XP70’s LCD screen makes it easy for users to review photos and videos. The monitor has been treated with an anti-reflective coating to ensure excellent visibility, even in bright sunlight. Based on lighting conditions, the monitor will automatically adjust to maintain optimal visibility and prevent unnecessary battery drain.

“FourProof  Protection”

The design of the XP 70  offers waterproof to depths of 33ft (10m), Shockproof to a height of 5ft (1.5m), and Freezeproof to 14°F (-10°C), and Dustproof. The  XP70’s predecessor, the XP60 was waterproof up to 20 feet. This camera’s waterproof ability was increased to 33 feet.

28mm Wide Angle, 5x Optical Zoom & 10x Intelligent Digital Zoom

An internal 5x optical zoom lens, which means users can zoom close right up to the action, even underwater. There is also the added application the Intelligent Digital Zoom which combines with the  5x optical zoom to double the zoom range (10x).

High-Resolution, 16M CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization

The 16 million pixels CMOS sensor makes dark scenes bright for high-quality images and 1920 x 1080 HD video. Optical (Sensor-Shift) image Stabilization helps decrease camera shake and vibration for high-quality photographs.

Full HD Movie & Movie Recording Button

Users can record in 1920 x 1080 resolution to MOV format.  The XP70 has a dedicated movie recording button that makes it easy to switch to movie recording mode with a single touch.  There are also six types of advanced filters that can be used while recording movies.

“Burst Mode Button”

Continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second at full resolution. Enables rapid burst shooting, at a maximum of 60 frames per second. Users can capture the action quickly with the continuous shooting toggle button. The dedicated “Burst mode button” lets you instantly switch into continuous shooting mode, making it easy to capture the exact moment or expression you’re wanting to achieve.

New Advanced Filter

A selection of ten special filters allows users to create photo and movie effects. Filter effects can be seen on the LCD monitor so users can check their results.

New Action Camera Mode

Allows users to shoot action-packed movies during sporting events. Movies can be recorded by mounting the camera to your body, sports equipment, or tripod.  While in “Action Camera” mode, the LCD monitor automatically turns off after a few seconds to preserve battery life. The zoom function becomes locked where you can’t zoom in or out while on land or underwater.  Additionally, there is an accessory, the 18mm wide-angle lens converter (Action Camera Lens ACL-XP70), that can be purchased that extends the wide-angle lens capability of the camera. It works in conjunction with the action camera mode.

Motion Panorama 360

The FinePix XP70 cleverly produces a stunning 360° panorama shot, effortlessly and automatically! Select “Motion Panorama 360” mode, press the shutter button, and sweep the camera to pan the scene.

Built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi  With “One Touch” Wireless Transfer

Users can easily transfer or save images using the built-in WiFi from the FinePix XP70 to a smartphone or tablet.  Most consumers purchasing the camera were thinking that it would connect to a network in their home. However, the wireless feature can only be used after installing the free FUJIFILM Camera Application app. Once the installation is completed, just press the WiFi button on the back of the camera to instantly transfer images to blogs or other sharing sites for family and friends to enjoy. The XP70 also has the ability to connect via WiFi to a computer for the purpose of uploading images and video. Because the camera has built-in WiFi, it utilizes the user’s smartphone GPS to utilize the geo-tagging feature. To accomplish this, users must install the FujiFilm camera app on a smartphone or tablet and place it in GPS mode. The location information from the mobile device is passed onto the geo-tagged activated camera. Uploading photos to Facebook doesn’t have to wait until you get home. Users can start the process by tagging images they want to be uploaded and the next time you connect the camera to your PC, the images will upload automatically.  The same goes for movie clips that can be uploaded through YouTube.

Stable One-handed Shooting

The Fuji XP70 designed the camera to accommodate users being able to grip the camera firmly when using it. For example, the grip on the front of the camera and the thumb resting on the back of the camera also assists in one-handed shooting if you are participating in an activity with the other hand.

 99MB Internal Memory

The XP70 has ample internal storage space of 99MB. The camera also supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, and SDXC formats for easy storage expansion (cards not included).  The manufacturer recommends purchasing a Class 10 or higher memory card.

Consumer Reviews

As of this date, there are 10 reviews on Amazon. The camera made its debut in March 2014, which accounts for the small number of reviews on the site. However, most consumers have rated this new edition of the Fujifilm tough series as a great point-and-shoot camera with good picture clarity and the choices of filters for photo and video editing are a popular feature with consumers.  The user’s biggest complaint was charging the battery and the camera color selections.  The other models had a total of five colors, whereas the XP70 has only three color selections.

 The Average Rating is 4.3 for the Fujifilm XP70

Buy Fuji Xp 70

The price of the camera depends on which color you select. The blue model is the most popular color with yellow coming in a close second. The orange version of the XP70 is gaining in popularity and is the most costly of the three colors as of this writing.


  • Compact easy to carry in pocket or purse
  • Water and dustproof
  • Photographs are better than expected
  • Battery life is good
  • Affordable


  • XP70 is not accessible on a private home network for uploading media
  • No separate battery charger, the door to the camera has to be open to charging the battery
  • When removing from water and taking land photos, there were water drops and streaks that may appear on the lens which results in blurring and blemishes on photographs


Although, not much has changed from the previous model, the XP60, and this model except for the addition of WiFi to upload photos and video and other enhancements that allow for editing and customizing photos and video.  Users that have purchased the XP70 have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the photographs, the ease of use, and the tough features that allow the camera to be used by any member of the family and in any type of environment. The XP70 is a great addition to the Finepix family because of the additional features, clarity of videos and photos whether on land or underwater, and affordability.  It is not what I would call a top-of-the-line camera, but it does what it is supposed to do with above-average functionality all while allowing the user a large amount of flexibility.

Fujifilm XP 70 Feature Video

Before you go, please check out the video below (9:38) on the XP70 from the Fuji guys, Gary and Billy. The video details and shows the top features of the Fujifilm XP70 including the new WiFi capability.  Also, beneath the video is a comparison table of the current camera and the previous models, the Fujifilm XP60 and XP 50. You can view the table and compare the features of each model.

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