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Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Review – Waterproof Camera With Optical Zoom

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Review

Many users have stated that this Kodak model is the best photo camera of its kind because, although the Pixpro AZ421 is not a professional alternative. Nor is it SLR, it is capable of capturing photos with a high degree of sharpness, with details and advanced features that improve image composition.

Featured photos are produced by a state-of-the-art optical sensor. It is capable of a maximum resolution of 16.15 megapixels. So every element is captured in one shot, and in brilliant color. In this way, the images can be changed. Also, the image can be edited, reduce, or enlarge, without losing quality in the details.

In addition, the CCD sensor offers the possibility of reducing noise, imperfections, and distortion in each of the shots. So that; the photographs will be professional in style, thus obtaining all the beauty of a clean and well-achieved scene.

With this camera, you can take normal size photos, with a minimum focal length of 24mm. But if you want, you can go further and take panoramic photos, as well as videos in high definition at 720 pixels.

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Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Review

Zoom and functions

Efficient operation with optimized performance is what, according to user reviews, stands out about the Kodak Pixpro AZ421 camera.

Unlike other models, this device has advanced options. It provides greater lens angles for photos and different perspectives with quality in each of the shots.

Among its avant-garde features, the camera has equip with a 42X optical zoom, which means that it is enable to increase the approach of objects up to 42 times.

In addition, it has a built-in flash, with automatic modes, red-eye reduction, slow synchronization, among others. It is also enabled with proper focus for various modes, such as face detection autofocus, single focus, tracking, multi-lens and ISO sensitivity from 80 to 3200, so it captures photos in different lighting conditions. Also, white balance can be set to auto, manual, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent, and daylight.

But, this alternative makes it possible to get the most out of the configuration for photographs. It includes some presets within its scenic modes such as beach, children, fireworks, and night landscape. Furthermore; for museum, panorama, indoor party, pets, sports, snow, documents, sunsets and more.

Design and battery

With all the functions and features with which the Kodak Pixpro AZ421 has to equip. Its price is one of the most competitive on the market. And its performance can add to a practical, lightweight, compact, and portable design. It can carry from one side to side to get the best photos, immortalize moments and not lose any graphics.

Photo cameras must have an adequate design. This is the case because their aesthetics are not only elegant. But they have also been created to be functional and practical to hold. So that, during use, there is correct maneuverability. which guarantees firmness and stability. Besides, it has a wide handle and rough non-slip material.

It weighs no more than 500 grams and is available with a black plastic body. With rotary buttons and dials on both the top and back of the camera that make it easy to use.

It also has an LCD technology screen, on which you can see the photos that have been captured. But, it incorporates a battery with high-capacity lithium-ion technology. With an estimated time of use that is equal to about 200 shots per charge.

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