Nikon CoolPix Waterproof Cameras

Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera – Cool Pictures of Marine Species

Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Camera

The Nikon Coolpix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera is being marketed more as a family camera. Because of its design, it is easy for kids to grip and operate without any problems. It can be taken to the park for playtime fun with the kids and even to the pool.

It is waterproof to 8.9 feet and shockproof from 2.6 feet. This model has a respectable 10.1 MP resolution that produces acceptable images that are similar to those taken with a camera phone. Nikon Coolpix S30 waterproof digital camera does include sliders for adjusting brightness, vividness, and hue. However, the S30 is not recommended for anything other than picture taking in bright or outdoor light. The camera does not perform well in low light conditions which may result in a decrease in picture quality. Video quality is good if your goals are to only share your recordings with family and friends.

Other features of this model include 3x optical zoom, and recording video in HD 720P, for power, it uses AA batteries and an SD memory card. The Nikon Coolpix S30 is an inexpensive, family-oriented waterproof digital camera that’s best used outdoors in good lighting and with slow-moving or stationary subjects. The S30 also comes in colors white, blue and pink.

Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera

Key Specifications

Resolution –  10.1 MP CCD Sensor
Optical Zoom – 3x – NIKKOR glass lens
Display Size – 2.7 inch LCD Monitor
Waterproof Depth – 8.9 feet
Shockproof –  withstand drops of up to about 2.6 feet
Video – Records HD 720P movies
Dimensions – (4.1 x 2.6 x 1.6 in.)
Weight – 7.6 ounces with SD card and battery
Internal Memory – 47MB built-in memory
Memory Card – SD card slot
Battery Life – Approx. 240 shots with alkaline, 700 shots with lithium, or 410 shots with EN-MH2 battery
Colors – White, Blue, and Pink

Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera​

Waterproof and Shockproof

Create photos and movies with the S30 underwater down to 9.8 feet and shockproof to withstand drops of up to about 2.6 feet.

HD (720p) Movies with Sound

The S30 allows one-touch button recording. Playback your video on the 2.7-inch LCD monitor or save it for later and watch on an HDTV or computer. Your video and images can also be uploaded to the Web and shared with family and friends.

In-Camera Slideshows with Music

Instantly review pictures and movies with the easy slideshow mode. Select playback effects and built-in music to accompany your slideshow.

Portraits Made Easy

When your subject smiles the camera automatically takes the shot.

Sharp and Clear Images

Electronic VR Image Stabilization minimizes the effects of camera shake for sharper, clearer images.

Exterior Design

The Nikon COOLPIX S30 Digital Camera features a unique symmetrical design with buttons placed and sized for maximum ease of use. The large LCD monitor offers a clear view of the interface and the camera powers up for image or movie shooting mode with a press of one of the dedicated buttons.

What's in the box?

Nikon COOLPIX S30 Digital Camera includes USB cable, Software CD and a User guide.

Camera for Kids

Nikon markets the S30 as a waterproof compact designed for kids. With this in mind, it should not be compared on the same level as other Coolpix models. This model has a basic and colorful interface that is attractive to kids. The icons and interface are easy to understand making the camera easy to use for kids and adolescents.

The lens is located in the center of the camera which makes it less likely for the user to accidentally place a finger in front of the lens which could affect their photo.  Further, the lens is of much better quality than those found on kid cameras which are basically comparable to webcams that can take still images and record video.

This is a good camera if you’re looking for a beginning model to teach your child how to take pictures and for them to have fun on vacation or at the pool. The S30 is a good choice because outwardly it doesn’t look like a kid camera but it is designed for kids to be able to operate and handle it comfortably. Photo and video quality are good, but you need a good light source in order to appreciate the output.

Consumer Reviews

Excellent “bang for your buck”!  I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing another underwater camera due to a horrible experience with a Canon.

Kid-Focused Camera

This camera is good for a 4-year-old with little adult assistance. 

Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera
Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera

Is The Nikon COOLPIX S30 Worth Buying?

Although the S30 is geared towards kids, adults like it also for the ability to be able to share the camera with the younger members of the family. Additionally, the image and video quality is acceptable underwater and especially in situations where the light source is good.  The interface is easy to use without any complicated features.

Nikon stripped down the shooting options and the interface to make the camera simple for the whole family to use. It’s powered by AA batteries and can survive up to 60 minutes underwater to depths of 9.8 feet and minor drops.

So if you’re looking for a simple camera for yourself that can be shared with the kids and is economical, the S30 would be a good model to consider. If you’re after more than just automatic snapshots for sharing online, this isn’t the camera for you.

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