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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 Review – Perfect Camera for Underwater Images

Waterproof Camera for Helmet Use

The DSC-TX20 is a high-end camera in the rugged tough compact category.  There are few differences between the two except an update in the software and photograph enhancements. This device is as beautiful and stylish as the previous models.  It still comes equipped with a sliding front panel that houses the touch screen display.  The exterior provides the consumer with a choice of some dynamic colors. They can opt for a two-tone version with a gray body and an orange or green face place. There are also color coordinated choices, black, blue, or pink.

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Sony CyberShot TX-20

The Cybershot TX20 is a slim and light camera with a 16 megapixel resolution, 3-inch touch screen display, full HD video recording, waterproof down to 16 feet, shockproof up to 5 feet, freezeproof down to 14 -104 degrees Fahrenheit and dustproof.

However, most photography enthusiasts do not agree this model is a rugged camera because it doesn’t look the part, plus the external materials does not give one confidence that it will hold up under rough handling.  Most camera enthusiasts give the nod to the Olympus TG-1iHS as the true rugged tough camera.

We all can agree that the sliding metal faceplate gives the TX20 a unique look. When not in use, it covers the lens and when you slide the panel down the camera comes on. You can also turn the camera on with its power button. Also, when the panel is slid down the lens, flash, and stereo microphone are exposed. The lens is located in the top corner and is stationary while zooming. The TX20 although it has been updated is less costly than its predecessor the TX10. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the TX20.

Key Specifications

Optical Sensor Resolution – 16.2 MP

Optical Zoom – 4X

Display – 3.0-inch Touch Screen LCD

Optical Sensor Technology – CMOS

Video Recording – Full HD 1080

3DFeatures – 3D still image and 3D iSweep Panorama

Ruggedness – Waterproof 16ft, Shockproof 5 ft, Freezeproof 14 – 104 F and Dustproof

Battery – Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Photos Per Battery Charge – 250 Shots per charge

Dimensions – 3.8 x 0.7 x 2.2 inches

Weight – 4.7 oz (with accessories) 4.2 oz without

Colors – Two tone version with a gray body and an orange or green face place. Color coordinated choices: black, blue or pink.

What’s In The Box?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20 waterproof digital camera has all these accessories in the box includes a Rechargeable Battery, Multi USB Cable, AC adapter, Paint Pen, Wrist strap, and Instruction Manual

Additional Features

Rugged and Stylish Features

This model is certified as waterproof from a depth of 16 feet, it is shockproof from a fall of 5 feet, freezeproof from 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and it is dustproof.  Because this camera has such a good looking exterior you may think the ‘tough’ status may be overstated.

Keep in mind that this particular model cannot be held underwater for hours, but can be submerged for about an hour before you may experience problems. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s care instruction after using it in water.  Additionally, it’s obvious with the exterior being as slick and sleek it could become scratched if dropped on a rough surface.

3.0 LCD Display

The CyberShot TX-10 comes with a 3.0 inch touch screen LCD display which helps with viewing images and video. The neat thing about the display is that it is touch screen. Most of the cameras functions are control from the screen. However, the screen is capacitive touch layer which means the controls will become useless in heavy rainfall or while submerged underwater.

Capacitive touch screens use heat conduction to sense points of contact, and are affect by water which will the number of features. You can use on the camera if you try to use the touch screen in the water or even if your fingers are wet.

16.2 Megapixel Back – “Exmor R” CMOS Image Sensor

The 16MP CMOS image sensor is being touted as having fast speed, low light sensitivity with improved image clarity. Users also echo this same sentiment. The Sony CyberShot TX-20 made noticeable improvements to the speed in which the camera processes photos. .

Full HD 1080 Video Recording

Users can record movies in 1080 Full HD video with stereo audio. This provides stunning, fast motion video with less distortion for playback on your HD TV. Optical zoom can be used while recording and you can still take photographs while recording. There is also autofocus during video recording.

3D Still Images & Sweep Panorama

The TX20 produces some nice 3D still images. Plus, it has 3D Sweep Panorama capabilities where the Multi-Angle 3D shooting mode allows viewing of images that move in simulated 3D on the display by tilting the camera back and forth, nice feature. You press the shutter button, pan the landscape and let the camera do all the work! It links together each frame to produce a panoramic image.

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Capture The Moments

You won’t miss any of the action because the TX20 can capture images up to 10 frames per second. Also, the camera has a mechanical shutter that helps reduce distortion when shooting moving subjects.

Auto mode

The DSC-TX20 recognizes the correct scene mode, then shoots and combines up to six shots to produce images with clarity using the Backlight Correction HDR technology. Superior Auto detects 36 scenes for still images and movies which makes it easier for you to get the best shot.

HDMI output

The camera can be connected to any compatible HDMI device such as an HD TV, for viewing images and video.


Is The Sony CyberShot TX20 Worth Buying?

Yes, the Cybershot TX20 is worth purchasing. It has received some great reviews and the features are excellent also. Although the CyberShot TX20 is billed as an upgrade to the Sony TX10, it is less expensive than the TX10. 

Keep in mind that the TX20 upgrade has been mostly software which is why most consumers have decided to keep it rather than upgrade to the newer model. The TX10 is more expensive than the newer TS20 model and depending on the color you choose you may end of paying more for the TX20 than you wish.

Both the TX10 and TX20 have great features and most consumers agree the quality of the video and images are really good. As with most of the waterproof cameras, there is a problem with them leaking, but this is not something that occurs very frequently. It may due to user error, a defective seal or camera. Several users have reported that it leaked after using it in the water.

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