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Waterproof Cameras That Float

Waterproof Cameras That Float

When looking for water-resistant photography equipment, consumers will ultimately want to consider a waterproof camera that floats. It is a reasonable assumption the models can not only resist the elements but should also be able to stay above water when the user is not carrying it. However, almost all of the models do not contain any materials that would allow buoyancy.

If you are in a pool or shallow water, this may not be a problem for you. However, if you are in deep water, possess one of these specialty points and shoot. It gets away from you, it will be difficult to locate it because it will sink like a rock.

One consumer, an owner of the Canon PowerShot D20 gave the following advice to readers, “As with other waterproof cameras, be careful when taking this out on a boat or to the dock where you aren’t in the water yourself. In my pool, it took only 4 seconds for it to fall 8 feet. They don’t float!

Imagine if you’re over the edge of a pier in 30 feet of murky dark water. It will hit the bottom before you can take your sunglasses off.” What makes these cameras so heavy? Their waterproofing features and LCD display makes them hard to keep up with if they fall into a deep body of water.

A Panasonic Lumix owner tells the story of his 12-year-old daughter accidentally losing one of these models where it fell from her wrist while swimming in the Hawkesbury River in Australia. She and her friends tried diving for the camera, but couldn’t reach it in time before it sank to the bottom. The camera spent a week submerged in 30 feet of water before it was found by a fisherman.

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There is one waterproof camera that does float, the Speedo Aquashot. This model has a 5MP resolution, 4x digital zoom, 2.4 inch TFT LCD, but no optical zoom. It also has a VGA quality video with 32MB of internal memory and can be expanded up to 8GB with an SD card. This device is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet and if you lose your grip, the Aquashot will float to the surface.

If you are someone that prefers the current crop of waterproof cameras then you will need to consider an accessory that will keep your camera afloat if it should drop into the water where it may become difficult to retrieve. Some suggestions include the Chums Waterproof Floating Camera Strap, a floating wrist strap or floating waterproof case, or a dry bag. 

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Some of the accessories are specific to the camera or you can choose one that can be used for any model. For example, the Chums floating camera strap is for lightweight waterproof cameras with a maximum float weight of 7 ounces. It is a soft foam-filled neoprene wrist lanyard that can be attached with ease and also comes in bright colors that can be easily seen in the water.

The Polaroid Floating Wrist Strap can be used for most lightweight waterproof cameras. This device is low buoyancy and high visibility.  Its pads provide little resistance while using your camera underwater. Its low buoyancy means you won’t have to fight the upward force of the flotation pads when shooting underwater.

While in the water, if the strap and camera should come off accidentally. Both will gently float to the surface exposing the brightly covered pads. One consumer stated that even after nearly an hour in the water.

The float stayed on the surface with no saturation of material that would prevent sinking. Another user stated if your camera is heavier than 7 ounces. This wrist strap may not be appropriate for you to purchase.

The DicaPac WP410 Small Zoom Alfa Waterproof Digital Camera Case can fit over 200 brands of cameras up to sizes 7.5 x 4.0 inches with a zoom lens of 0.7 x 1.5 inches and comes with a 0.12-inch thick extension ring for longer zoom lenses. It is guaranteed to be waterproof for up to 16 feet, snow-proof, dirt-proof and it floats. This case has a transparent and flexible design for easy camera control. Also, a zipper and double roll Velcro waterproof system.

The Neewer Underwater Camera Waterproof Dry bag Case Jacket is compatible with most standard point-and-shoot camera models and smartphones. The touch controls for the devices were easy to operate through the thick screen covers without any obstruction.

Users reported no water leakage or fogging while using the case for 2 to 3 hours. The case is waterproof up to 65 feet and also has to drop resistance protection.

Although most of the selection of waterproof point-and-shoot cameras are not capable of floating, there are accessories to resolve this issue. The most popular accessories are the floating camera and wrist straps.

This may be because users are able to use their camera without having to operate it through a case or bag. Of course, the choice of which accessory to choose is up to the user. It’s always good to be safe and have the appropriate items available in case of any accidental mishaps.

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